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excel, 179 Кб. Of 27 july, 2021

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AMUR Thermometer

We produce AMUR General Purpose Thermometers
Measurement accuracy of 0.2°С and 0.5°С

Analyzer of Alcohol-Containing Beverages

The new analyzer «Kolos-2». Analysis of any alcohol beverages. Opportunities.

Analyzer milk «KLEVER-2M»

The new ultrasonic analyzer of milk «Klever-2M». The expanded functions and additional indicators.

pH-thermometer «Nitron-PH»

Small-sized pH-meter-thermometer «Nitron-pH».
The inexpensive and reliable device. Estimate its magnificent guarantee period.

Discounts, discounts, discounts

You can get our products for 50% of the cost.
And also replace the outdated milk analyzers for new 20% discount.

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The Accredited Laboratory for Chemical Analytical Research and Development (LHAIR), a structural unit within OOO NPP Biomer, was established in 1998.

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OOO NPP «Biomer» on the market since 1994. 
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