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OOO NPP Biomer has been operating on the Russian market since 1994 and it is the Russian leading producer of ultrasonic milk and beer analysers. Besides, our enterprise is operating successfully in such a widely spread direction as potentiometry and is a manufacturer of ion meters and pH meters. We are continuously developing new instruments, namely, a new analyser of alcohol-containing drinks and a high accuracy portable pH meter are being prepared for production.

We maintain feedback with our customers and as we run scientific research we regularly improve our products according to the users needs and market demands. Currently, we are producing two models of milk analyser — Klever-2, which allows measuring all major milk parameters, and Klever-2M designed for use at milk factories and laboratories where increased accuracy of measurements and additional factors are required.

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and qualitative instrumentation which would fully meet their requirements. Customers are always welcome for consultancy on the instrumentation that is already bought or planned for purchase. In case none of our devices meets the customer’s needs, we would select and deliver the required instrumentation on optimum terms.

For the past years there have been produced over 15,000 devices which are operated in all regions of Russia and abroad. We maintain the history of our devices, which allows us to keep prompt cooperation with the users.

All our devices have been registered in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation, are certified and undergo a primary verification at the Novosibirsk Standardisation and Metrology Centre.

We aim to make cooperation with us not only facilitate the work of your employees, increase performance, reduce costs, but to improve quality of your products as well.

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