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  1. Sale of equipment in installments up to 6 months, with an initial contribution of 50%. In this case, there are different payment options remainder of the sum of: equal and unequal shares, as well as one payment (the conditions are specified individually).
  2. Replacement of the analyzers that fail in the first year of operation, the new ones. Prerequisite is the acquisition, together with a new analyzer 3 sets of detergents and their use in accordance with attached instructions.
  3. 50% discount for public educational institutions. Given the difficult financial situation of public educational institutions, we are ready to provide such a discount of 50%, provided that the equipment purchased for use in the training process.
  4. Ability to return the sum paid for the unit. If our device for objective reasons not suit you at work, during the first month, you can return it to us with prior notice and get back the amount paid for it.
  5. Replacing the old analyzer to a new 20% discount. To replace milk analyzers taken any brand in any condition.
  6. Ability to repair equipment. Analyzers milk "Clover-2" and "Clover-2M can be repaired by replacing the faulty units in place (without sending to the manufacturer). All that is required of you - is to diagnose the device using the supplied software, find out the cause of the problem and order the desired block. For devices that are under warranty, the service is free.
  7. Sell Used analyzer with a discount up to 25% of the price of new. The proposed device is not older than 3 years since presale. Discount depends on the year of issue of the analyzer.
  8. Replacing a faulty analyzer brand Klever-1M "the healthy" Klever-2. The replacement cost depends on the years of manufacture analyzers, but does not exceed 1/3 the cost of a new device. 
  9. The system of cumulative discounts. 15% discount accumulates with each acquisition device in our production and saved for your organization, regardless of the intensity of further acquisitions.
  10. Service centers in cities: Novosibirsk, Volgograd and Minsk. We carry on the work of finding representatives in other regions of Russia and CIS countries.