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Number of laboratory staff — 8 persons. 
Chief of the laboratory (LHAIR) K.A.Yarovoy

The Accredited Laboratory for Chemical Analytical Research and Development (LHAIR), a structural unit within OOO NPP Biomer, was established in 1998.

The laboratory is involved in setting up and running chemical analyses at the precision stipulated by the regulatory documents, for substances and components whose numerical characteristics are required for calibration of analysers produced by BIOMER. The laboratory is also involved in data acquisition and analysis, as well as in running investigations required for development of new models of analysers and for modernisation of existing ones.

Within these activities, the laboratory provides consultation services for technical support during operation of the instrumentation, during chemical analyses by third-party laboratories, as well as provides information on the most promising and modern techniques and methods for running quantitative chemical analysis. Technical equipment and skills of the laboratory staff allow for a high level and maximum precision in running these works. A number of methods are arbitrary in the Siberian Region and are implemented only at the laboratory of OOO NPP Biomer. The laboratory staff undergoes short-term staff development training at the Novosibirsk branch of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification Academy, as well as at Federal State Unitary Enterprise UNIIM. Besides, the staff also takes part in Russian and international exhibitions and seminars related to their primary activities.

Laboratory of NPP Biomer

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