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Expansion of a model range

Our company dilates a line of the delivered tests for antibiotics, magnetic mixers and other equipment.

26 january 2018

Launching New Product in the Klever Line

Our company unveiled a new productthe Klever-Mini analyzerat the RosCrimeaAgro exhibition.

3 november 2017

Producing Thermometer in a Non-Damp-Proof Housing

We are launching the production of Amur thermometers in a standard housing.

28 september 2017

Participation in RosCrimeaAgro 2017

In October, our company will take part in the second agro-industrial exhibition in Crimea.

19 september 2017

The Instrument Replacement Campaign IS OVER!

Starting from July, we are ending our campaign for replacing old instruments with new ones with a 30% discount.

4 july 2017

FoodService Siberia Exhibition

On 12 April, our company will conduct a training workshop within the framework of the Exhibitions business programme.

30 march 2017

Change In Prices

We are introducing new prices for instrument verification starting from January, and for OOO NPP Biomer products starting from February.

1 february 2017

Previous news

Previous news

10 january 2017

Kolos-2. Amendments.

Amendments to Kolos-2 Device Specification Documents

16 november 2015

Revalidation of Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instrument.

Our company has obtained the certificate for Kolos-2 device, valid till July 2020

6 october 2015

New Phone Number of NPP Biomer

Now you can call us from any mobile phone on MTS number +7 983 510 7544 (or landline phone number +7 383 310 7544)

16 september 2015

Model Range Expansion

Our company expands the lineup of laboratory mills and other equipment

25 august 2015

Price Increased for Nitron-pH

Starting from 15th of June, we increase price for Nitron-pH pH meter by 5%.

9 june 2015

Model Range Expansion

We would like to present new specialized models of refractometers and milk flow meters/counters

22 april 2015

Increased Prices for OOO NPP Biomer Products.

On 15th February, the company increases prices for its products by an average 5%.

20 january 2015

Production of Communication Cable for Our Instruments

Our company has launched the production of cable enabling connection of our instruments to a USB port of PC.

21 november 2014

Product Range Expands

We are presenting our new models of milking machines and a centrifuge for veterinary use.

24 september 2014

Webinar on 18 August 2014: Kolos-2 Analyser Q&A.

Our company is holding another webinar where we will discuss all matters related to use of Kolos-2, analyser for alcohol drinks.

15 august 2014

Webinar on 29 July 2014

Our Company is holding a webinar on Q&A Added Water.

23 july 2014

Increasing the price of Klever-2 Milk Analyser

Starting from 1 August, we raise the price of Klever-2 device

7 july 2014

Increase in the Price of Klever-2 Milk Analyser

From 1 August 2014 we are raising the price of Klever-2

7 july 2014

Please be informed that we are out of office on 6 June.

On 6 June, our company is having an offsite event in observance of NPP Biomers Birthday.

4 june 2014

The webinar on 10 June 2014.

On 10 June, our company is hosting the public webinar. Subject: Mode 2 Operations of Klever-2M Milk Analyser. Performance Capabilities and Limitations

19 may 2014

Model Range Expansion

Honey Refractometer by ATAGO (Japan)

15 april 2014

Model Range Expansion

We present two new models of trichinelloscopes.

28 february 2014

Now Klever device can be used to measure major goat milk parameters.

The new calibration of Klever milk analyser has been developed by OOO NPP Biomer specialists.

29 november 2013

Changes in Kolos-2 device

New Features of Kolos-2 Alcoholic Beverages Analyzer

23 october 2013

Notice of Change in Nomenclature Documents

Our company notifies the users of Klever-2 and Klever-2M Analysers of changes in the nomenclature documents. September

13 september 2013

New Sensor for AMUR Thermometer

Now AMUR Thermometer may be optionally equipped with a temperature sensor for solid materials.

14 august 2013

Kolos-2 Analyzer. Article in the Library.

The Library now features an article on Kolos-2 Alcoholic Beverage Analyzer. The article describes the applicability, operational features and measurement accuracy of the device.

17 july 2013

AMUR Thermometer

We have launched AMUR General Purpose Thermometer!

18 march 2013

New Syringe-Degasifier

We have launched production of new Syringe-Degasifier model (for air withdrawal from milk and carbon dioxide withdrawal from low-alcohol products)

15 november 2012

5 years of quality warranty!

Increased period of devices warranty service.

19 october 2012

State Standard Sample Launched

We have now launched the State Standard Sample mass fraction of glycerin in water solution, GSO 10111-2012

5 september 2012

Kolos-2 Analyzer of Alcohol-Containing Beverages

Our company is launching production of a new instrument Kolos-2

13 november 2010

New Development by NPP BIOMER NITRON Portable Ion Meter

Our enterprise has launched production of ion meters made in a compact case of shock-proof plastics with a highly detailed LCD screen.

21 october 2010

Additional calibration of Klever-2M for cheesemakers.

The Klever-2M milk analyzer can be calibrated for analysis of whey and measurement of casein mass content in milk.

9 september 2010

Special Discount Program

All on-commercial academic institutions can get the 50% discount to all equipment made by Biomer, Ltd. Company

23 april 2010

A calibration program for Klever-2 and Klever-2M devices.

Now you can calibrate a specific product on your own.

13 april 2010

Biomer Co, Ltd going to take part in the exhibition


11 march 2010

Biomer Co, Ltd going to take part in the exhibition

Exhibition in Volgograd

26 january 2010

Production of calibration solutions

Now, pH meters are equipped with calibration solutions.

11 december 2009

50% creditworthiness

Get our produce at 50% cost.

1 december 2009

Klever-2 instrument in a new casing

On September 15, we launched production of Klever-2 instruments in a new casing.

15 september 2009

Maintenance of Somatos-M instrument

Guarantee and service maintenance of Somatos-M milk analyzer

31 august 2009

Modification of Klever-2 and Klever-2M milk analyzers

Measuring processed milk parameters with Klever-2 and Klever-2M

2 april 2009

Certification in Belarus

Klever-2 and Klever-2M Milk Analyzers Get Certified in the Republic of Belarus

31 march 2009

Metrological certification of milks freezing point

Metrological Certification of Milk Freezing Point

26 march 2009

OOO NPP Biomer joins the Russian Union of Dairy Products Manufacturers

Biomer Joins the Dairy Union

11 march 2009

For more details on prices, please contact the Sales Department managers

Notes on the price list.

2 february 2009

New Pricing for OOO NPP Biomer Production

Prices variations for the production of OOO NPP Biomer

13 january 2009

A new product from NPP OOO Biomer

Presenting Klever-2Ma new high-precision milk quality analyzer.

21 october 2008

Certification of the chemical laboratory

BIOMERs chemical laboratory has been certified under GOST R Russian state certification system.

25 september 2008

Wireless Communication between Klever-2, Printer and Computer

Klever-2 can be connected to computer and accessories through BlueTooth adapters now.

26 june 2008

Test Kit

You can buy a test kit for milk analyzers in our company.

24 june 2008

Our telephone numbers have changed. New telephone number is +7 (383) 308 75 00

Our telephone numbers have changed. New telephone number is +7 (383) 308 75 00.

19 june 2008

Attention! We Do Not Work on 30/05/2008 (Friday)

Our company celebrates its anniversary on Friday (30/05/2008)!!!

29 may 2008

ATTENTION!!! Our Bank Details Have Changed!!!

ATTENTION!!! Our bank details have changed!!!

26 may 2008

Warranty Period for Kolos-1

We have extended the warranty period for Kolos-1.

24 april 2008

New warranty periods

Co. Ltd. extends warranty periods since 2005/03/01

11 march 2005