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RM-5-P (d=50 mm) — Flow meter/counter

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Calculates snap and accumulated volume and flow rate of liquid;
Inputs liquid density value using keyboard of measuring and computing unit;
Calculates product weight corresponding to snap and accumulated volume;
Displays calculated values;
Switches off the flow meter when the pipeline is not filled with liquid.
Designed for measuring volume and flow rate of milk, cultured milk products and other edible liquids.
The device is designed as an integral resident measuring and computing module. Different installation variants are provided. Optionally the milk flow meter can be supplied with a thermal converter and a pressure transducer with standard DC output 4-20 mA.
Operating principle
The operating principle of the flow meter / counter is based on the electromagnetic induction phenomenon. As conductive liquid is passed through the magnetic field, an electromotive force proportional to the average velocity of the liquid is induced in it since the liquid acts as a mobile conductor.
The electromotive force is taken off by two electrodes which are positioned in diametrically opposite directions in one transversal section of the pipe in the primary flow transducer flush on the inner surface. The signal from the primary flow transducer is sent over the shielded wires to the input of the measuring unit for further processing.


High-precision measurement of flow rate, volume and mass of liquids
Wide dynamic range of flow rate measurements
Automatic detection of absence of liquid in the pipe
Dosing function
Small straight pipe length ((5DN–3DN)
Temperature and pressure monitoring of liquid being measured
Large volume of statistical data on the parameters of liquid being measured
Data can be transmitted to the PC via the RS-485 interface at a distance up to 1 km
Tens of flow meters/counters for the food industry can be merged into a network via the RS-485 interface
A printer can be connected via the parallel interface
No hydraulic resistance of electromagnetic flow meters
Ease and comfort of assembly and operation
Low power consumption


Measurement range
Flow measurement 0,16...32 м³/h
Parameters measured fluid
Unit electric conductivity 10ֿ³...10 S/m
Temperature to 150 °C
Pressure to 0,6 MPa
Average lifespan 12 yrs
Consumption 10 W
Diameters of pipelines Doo 50 mm