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Milk analyzer "Klever-2"

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Listed in the State Register of Russian Federation for measuring instrumentation, No. 35748-07 and allowed for application by GosStandard of Russia.
Certificate of Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology of Russian Federation No. 29032.


Measurement technique is based on ultrasonic parameters in milk as a function of temperature and composition of milk. The device is used for measuring fat, protein, nonfat milk solids content mass %, density and temperature of milk simultaneously without any chemical application.


Simplicity and convenience of operation
Wide measurement range
Ecological safety
Reliability and endurance
Accuracy and consistency
Packaged rapid milk analyzer “Klever-2” is developed and manufactured by OOO NPP BIOMER. The device is used at milk processing factories, animal production units, farms and research laboratories.
Milk analyzer "Klever-2" performs rapid analysis of fat, protein, nonfat milk solids content, mass % and density in one sample of fresh full milk, canned milk or cream.
Measurement technique was developed by OOO NPP Biomer. Approval of test procedure was performed in Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Ural Research Metrology Institute (UNIIM)". The technique approval certificate No.
The device supplied to the customers is gauged by Novosibirsk Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center. Afterwards the device can be calibrated in the nearest Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center using calibration methodology which is supplied with the device, or in NPP BIOMER.
In spite of wide functionality, milk quality analyzer "Klever-2" is very simple in operation thus enabling unskilled personnel to perform the measurements. The basic operations with the device include pouring the sample to be analyzed and discharging it after the analysis. Taking the sample and pouring it into the sample receptacle is a matter of seconds. The process of measuring qualitative characteristics of milk or cream takes 2.5 to 3.5 minutes. Milk at room temperature is analyzed for 2.5 minutes, and cooled milk is analyzed for 3.5 minutes. All information necessary for the operator is called up on the display. Measurement results are displayed in digital form with increment 0.01%.
The device is supplied with graduation for cow milk and cream. The recorded graduations are permanently stored in the internal memory of the device. Two vacant graduations are available in the device. They can be used for optional recording of additional graduations, for example, for analyzing goat or sheep milk.
The device operates in standalone mode, but it can be connected to an IBM/PC compatible computer for graduation or logging measurement results. Interface RS 232 is used for connecting to the computer. To facilitate the connection of the device to the computer, all accessories necessary for the connection are supplied with the device. They include connecting cable and software operating under Windows.


Performance 22 samples/hour
Dimensions 257х132х108 mm
Height of the device in position 290 mm
Measuring Time 3,5 min
Time of continuous operation 12 hrs
Mass 1 kg
Average lifespan 5 yrs
Remembering results 100 measurements
Size of the sample 20 cm³
Measurement range
Mass fraction of fat 0...20 %
Mass fraction of the protein 0,15...6 %
Mass fraction SOMO 3...15 %
Density 1000...1050 kg/m³
Mass fraction of water added 3...70 %
Temperature +5...+35 °C
Mass fraction of fat ±0,06 %
Mass fraction of the protein ±0,15 %
Mass fraction SOMO ±0,15 %
Density ±0,3 kg/m³
Mass fraction of water added ±1 %
Temperature ±0,5 °C
Ambient air temperature +10...+35 °C
Relative humidity to 80 with 35ºС %
Atmospheric pressure 84...106 kPa
Temperature 5...35 °C
DC power supply source 10...15 V
mains supply, 50 Hz 187...242 V
Type digital
Display of parameters alternately

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