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IT-2 Rapid Analyzer

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High precision of measurements
Connection to the PC


IT-2 rapid analyzer is designed to measure density of lubricants and fuels as reduced to 20ºС.
The operating principle of the analyzer is based on the measurement of oscillation period of the resonator made of a U-shaped capillary that is filled with the liquid being examined and placed into the active thermostat using the Peltier battery.
The analyzers comprise an external primary transducer and a measuring unit. The measurement results are displayed on a digital indicator. At the customer’s discretion, the analyzers can be integrated into a complex mobile or stationary analytical laboratory.
The instruments can be conveniently shipped in a briefcase housing. The instrument is shipped with supplies (if necessary), a sampling device, etc. At the customer’s discretion, the following optional items can be provided:  integrated memory for 100 real-time measurement results, logging of results on a portable printing device.


Measurement range
Density 0,7...1,0 g/sm³
Deviation ±0,0001 g/sm³
Mass 2 kg