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Stake Pro Projecting Trichinelloscope

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Stake Pro projecting trichinelloscope is designed to control over the infectedness of products left after the slaughter of domestic and wild animals with trichinosis under the conditions of laboratories for sanitary-veterinary expertise. It is also used to control fish at fish-reception stations and fish-processing enterprises to diagnose parasitic diseases. Stake Pro  projecting trichinelloscope is used for other microscopic studies of various preparations under artificial illumination in the transmitted light.
Compressor-Type Control Method
The image of a material being examined and placed into the compressor, with the magnification at least 40X (lens No. 1) and no less than 70X (lens No. 2), is projected on a matte screen of 310 х 314 mm in size. A rotary ring mount is used for fast replacement of the lens. To improve the image contrast and protect against external exposure, the instrument is closed with a tinted anti-reflective glass, which allows running observations under normal conditions of illumination in the premises. The instrument uses a halogen lamp at least 35 W in power which does not require forced cooling, thus making the trichinelloscope noiseless in operation.
Stake Pro projecting trichinelloscope can be used at stationary laboratories for sanitary-veterinary expertise, sanitary and epidemiological service, at markets, slaughter-houses of meat-processing and animal-breeding enterprises.
The instrument has been certified, recommended by the Department of Veterinary at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Russian Federation for wide use. The methodologies have been approved by the bodies of veterinary sanitary expertise and sanitary/hygienic control.
Sample is fully within the field of view
Two special fast removable lens
No image distortions at all
Tinted screen with antiglare coating to improve the image contrast
Large projection field
High sharpness and clarity of image
Anatomy pedestal for hands
Low-noise operation
Thoroughly designed ergonomics of the housing


Increase 40 и 70 times
Screen 310х314 mm
Field of view on magnification, lens No. 1 6,5х6,5 mm
Field of view on magnification, lens No. 2 4,2х4,2 mm
Longitudinal movement of the compressor ±100 mm
Transversal movement of the compressor ±50 mm
Number of compressors in the sales package 4 pcs
Time of continuous operation 8 hrs
Lamp Power 35 W
Ambient air temperature +10...+35 °C
Atmospheric pressure 84...106 kPa
Relative humidity 80 %
Voltage 210...230 V
Consumption 50 W
Mass 14 kg
Dimensions 660х480х510 mm



9153 RUR