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Alcotester 01

Price with VAT 8600 RUR
Guarantee: 1 year  
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- Has been certified in the system of voluntary certification of arms, military and special equipment for the Ministry of the Interior, Russian Federation, Compliance Certificate No. МВД .001.Н00400 dated 30 June 2008.
- Registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the sphere of health protection and social development, filed into the State Registry Products of Medical Purpose and Medical Instrumentation. Registration Certificate No. FC 022а2000/0509-04
The indicator of Alcotester 01 has been developed by the Scientific Research Institute of special equipment at the Ministry of the Interior, Russian Federation, for the purposes of law-enforcement authorities and the State Inspection for Traffic Safety (GIBDD) while conducting validations of alcohol use.
– Fact finding of alcohol intake while conducting pre-trip medical check-up, checks at transport routes, as well as at enterprises of higher risk.


High stability of the calibration chart and reproducibility of results for determination of alcohol contents in the human body using the exhaled air.
Reliable and easy-to-use.
Alcotester 01 controls completeness of air sample exhalation and informs of breathing interruption, insufficient strength of exhalation and premature interruption of exhalation.
Light and sound warning for taking air samples.
Control and alarm of alcohol concentration in the ambient air of indoor areas.
Standalone power supply designed for 36 hours of continuous operation. Economy mode and indication of the remaining power supply.
Equipped with original calibrating devices which allow for prompt electronic adjustment using reference alcohol-air mixes with the press of a single button.


Measurement range
Concentrations 0...1500 µg/g
Time of
Measurement preparation 50 sec
Readings settings 10 sec
Exhalation of air sample (sample volume no less than 0.9 l) 5±1 sec
Instrument preparation for re-analysis 15 sec
Control of
Alcohol concentration in the ambient air yes
Exhalation force yes
LED threshold indication of measured value for alcohol in exhaled air no
Average lifespan 5 yrs
Autonomous battery 3,6 V
Voltage 12±2 V
Mass 0,5 kg
Dimensions 200х80х50 mm