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UOP-01 Instrument for Bread Porosity Determination

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Equipped with a calibration cylinder


The instrument is designed to extract a sample of a bread-baking product of a certain volume. The porosity of bread is calculated based on the results of weighing.
The instrument is equipped with a calibration cylinder, a pusher, glass, and a knife. According to the methodology, a piece of no less than 6.0 cm wide is cut out of the middle of the bread product. In the area of the most typical porosity (at least 1 cm off the crust), a crumb is cut out using a calibration cylinder and is introduced into the piece with a progressive rotation. The calibration cylinder with the crumb inside is aligned with a cut-out glass. The crumb is pushed out of the calibration cylinder into the cut-out glass. The crumb should not come out of the glass at no less than 1 cm. The crumb protruding at the sides of the cut-out glass is cut with a knife, and the produced cylinder of the crumb is pushed out of the cut-out glass.
The instrument is manufactured to make the cylindrical volume of the crumb equal 27 cm3.
3 cuts are made for the analysis of wheat bread and 4 cuts—for the analysis of rye bread.
In piece goods where slices are small, cuts are made out of two slices or two products.
Cuts are weighed together, with porosity (in %) calculated following the formula specified in the method.


Inner diameter of the cylinder gauge 30,1±0,1 mm
Length edged glass 38,0±0,1 mm
Volume of the crumb sample formed by the instrument 27,8...27,9 cm³
Mass 400 g
Glass in assembly 40х40х155 mm
Knife in assembly 20х45х180 mm

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