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OSKR -1 Osmometer-Cryoscope

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Can be operated in field conditions with a standalone power source
Easy-to-use and convenient user interface
Good value for money

Registered in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation under No. 42519-09. Certificate No. 37608.
• In dairy industry – to perform the input check of raw milk for the presence of added water as per the GOST Р 52054-2003;
• To control quality of milk-based baby food as per SanPiN regulations;
• In pharmaceutical industry, to control infusion solutions, blood substitutes, eye drops during their production and storage;
• In practice of quantitative chemical analysis while conducting scientific research in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, physical chemistry, and other fields.
Delivery set
- OSKR-1 instrument
- 100 measuring test tubes
- Power cable
- Operatng documentation
OSKR-1 is designed to measure effective (osmotic) concentrations and freezing temperatures for biological fluids and aqueous solutions.


Measurement range
Concentrations 0…2000 mmol/kg
Temperature 0…−3,720 °C
Absolute error
of concentration from 0 ... 500 mmol/kg Н2О (0...-0,930 °С) ±2 mmol/kg
of concentration from 500 ... 2000 mmol/kg Н2О (-0,930...-3,720 °С) ±10 mmol/kg
temperature -0,930... -3,720°C ±0,010 °C
temperature 0 ... -0,930°C ±0,002 °C
Measuring Time 3 min
Size of the sample 0,3 ml
Consumption 70 W
Mass 2,7 kg