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Fauna-PM Sawdust Moisture Meter

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Saw timber moisture meter Fauna-PM is designed to measure moisture content in sawdust during its reprocessing at enterprises where express analysis of moisture content right at the sampling site is required. The moisture meter Fauna-PM can be used to measure moisture content in other crops and loose substances during their additional (individual) calibration, development, and attestation of methodologies for running measurements (MRM).

Prior to starting the instrument, closely review the manual and install the power battery. Prior to the measurements, move the scoop out of the measuring chamber and make sure the chamber is empty, dry, and clean. If necessary, wipe the chamber with soft dry cloth. By no means do not blow the measuring chamber, as the condensate that is generated may result in measurement errors. 

Press shortly and release the power button. In so doing, the upper line of the display highlights the label "SAWDUST MOISTURE METER", with the bottom line highlighting the label “BAT " and a linear indicator of the battery charge. The full line means 9 V, the empty line – 7.5V. At a voltage lower than 7.5V, a blocking label “BAT DISCHARGED” is displayed. In that case, replace the power battery.

Press the power-on button for one-two seconds. The display briefly shows the battery status, and then the upper line displays the name of the plant (fir, pine), or the label "SCALE UE", digits “00” and the character “%“, with the bottom line displaying the label "MOISTURE MEASUREMENT". Put a palm between the rear wall and the central electrode of the measuring chamber. The display highlights changes in digits, which means the moisture meter is ready for measurements. The moisture meter powers off in 5 seconds automatically.


Automatic thermocompensation


Measurement range
Sawdust moisture content - Pine 5...20 %
Sawdust moisture content – Pine large (90% pine +10% large birch) 5...20 %
Sawdust moisture content – Pine small (90% pine + 10% birch small) 5...15 %
Sawdust moisture content - Fir 2...20 %
Sawdust moisture contents - Larch 2...20 %
Correction to the moisture readings ±4 %
Moisture 0,5...1,0 %
Moisture 0,1 %
Size of the sample 300 ml
Measuring Time 12 sec
Temperature +5...+40 °C
Voltage 9V battery V
Mass 0,33 kg
Dimensions 191х104х56 mm