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MT-PRO Farmex Grain Moisture Meter

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Certified at FSUE “The Ural Research Institute for Metrology” of Gosstandart of Russia, Certificate US.C.31.005.А№18793 dated 20 October 2004, filed into the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation under No. 27803-04.


A precise and multifunctional grain moisture meter used in harvesting and storage. Easy to use and transport. Supplied with a protective housing for use in field conditions.


The electronic moisture meter MT-PRO is one of the latest developments of the corporation. The main menu of the MT-PRO moisture meter offers 39 grain calibrations, which allows the user to customise the device for a specific product. The MT-PRO moisture meter offers a special Multi-Point calibration. The Multi-Point calibration allows to make the settings precise in certain ranges of grain sample moisture without having to adjust the moisture total curve.


Up to 39 grain calibrations in memory
Adjustable Multi-Point calibration
Averaging the readings and control over the average value
LCD backlit
Large container for a sample — 90 cm3
Automatic determination of the sample temperature which is important for measurement
Extended temperature range for compensation


Measurement range
Grains and legumes 8...35 %
Moisture of oil-bearing crops 5...40 %
Moisture of corn 8...40 %
Moisture ±0,7 %
Temperature -10...+45 °C
Mass 1 kg
Voltage battery 9 V
Dimensions 176, d=100 mm