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Gann Hydromette Compact S Timber Moisture Meter

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The moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S (Germany) is designed to measure the moisture content in sawn timber and products made thereof during the production, drying, and storage. Easy to use, fast, pocket-sized moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S is designed for instant single and batch measurements.

The moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S allows measuring moisture content for the following timber types: spruce, pine, birch, larch, oak, beech, maple, etc., up to 40 breeds. If necessary, the set of breeds measured can be extended.

Operating principle

Conversion of electrical resistance of timber into moisture percentages. To measure the moisture content, pierce the measurement electrodes as deep as possible into the timber against the direction of fibers, press the button, and see the result.

The displayed values are valid for the timber temperatures within 15°С to 25°С. At the temperature values higher or lower than these, the measurement precision drops. Measurements can’t be effected with frozen timber.

The measurement range varies from 10% to 50% of timber moisture content with the gauging of average values for soft and hard timber and the 3-digit LCD indication.

The moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S is equipped with an electronic driver unit which makes manual adjustment unnecessary.

Safety instructions.

There is a risk of striking, if the instrument is carried without protective lids on the electrodes or in case of careless handling.

The moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S is used only for measuring the moisture content in timber.

Measurements can’t be effected on a metal pad.

The moisture meter Gann Hydromette Compact S is shipped in a bundle with a battery, spare electrodes, and a protective cap. 


2 positions of adjustment for timber types
Temperature compensation for the timber measured


Measurement range
Moisture 10...50 %
Scanning depth 30 mm
Moisture ±0,5 %
Moisture 0,1 %
Temperature -10 ...+50 °C
Dimensions 200х35х35 mm
Mass 130 g
Voltage 9 battery V