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Piccolo 2 pH Meter

Price with VAT 31017 RUR
Guarantee: 6 months  
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Electrode length 160 mm
Automatic thermocompensation
High precision of measurements
Compact design
Determination of solution temperature

 In рН-meters of Piccolo brand, an electrode with integrated amplifier (the “4 in 1” design is used). The “4 in 1” electrode system incorporates a pH electrode, a reference electrode, a thermal sensor, and an amplifier. Such a system allows to minimize humidity influence, contamination and interference upon the accuracy of рН measurements.

 The major advantage of Piccolo pH meters is their high precision of measurements corresponding to the accuracy of fixed laboratory instruments. At the same time, they are several times smaller and due to the small size they are hand-held instruments.

The рН-meter is equipped with a replaceable electrode of 160 mm in length which is fully protected with a strong plastic housing.


  Piccolo+ pH Meter Piccolo 2 pH Meter
Value 30792 RUR 31017 RUR
Measurement range
      — pH, pH 0...13 0...13
      — Temperature, °C manual, 2-point
      — pH, pH ±0,02 ±0,02
      — Temperature, °C ±1
Dimensions, mm 194х29х15 194х29х15
Mass, kg 0,1 0,1