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EKO-1 DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer

Price with VAT 45900 RUR
Guarantee: 1 year  
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The device is designed for monitoring radiation environment at various sites, in residential premises, at work places etc., and for controlling the contamination of raw materials, foodstuffs and water with radionuclides. 
The device offers three measurement modes: 

F mode: gamma radiation equivalent dose rate — detection and estimation of a radiation safety level, two measurement options: cyclic and single-time.

А mode: specific radioactivity — determination of water, soils, foodstuffs, construction materials, cargo etc. contamination by beta and gamma radionuclides.

В mode: density of beta-particle flow — estimation of various surfaces (clothes, body etc.) contamination by radionuclides.

The device produces an audible warning when the measurement time is up in each of the operation modes. 
In the modes for measuring the equivalent dose rate (EDR), the measurement process is accompanied by a specific sound (clicks) with the frequency value proportional to the EDR being measured. The 0.60 mSv/h excess in the EDR value is accompanied by alarm signals. 
The device produces an audible warning of the battery discharge. 
Recalibration interval is 2 years.


Two-coordinate screen menu
Animated incoming signals
Simple system of switching modes


  EKO-1 DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer EKO-1M DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer
Value 45900 RUR 52475 RUR
Measurement range
      — the equivalent dose rate, mk3v/h 0,10…1000 0,10…1000
      — an equivalent dose, mkSv 0,10…100000
      — the specific activity, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 4000…100000
      — beta-particle flow density, part/(cm²*min) 0,2...100 0,1…200
Basic error of measurement
      — the equivalent dose rate, % ±15 ±15
      — beta-particle flow density, % ±20 ±20
Range of gamma-radiation energies, MeV 0,03…3,0 0,06…1,5
Energy of registered beta radiation, MeV more than 0,15 more than 0,15
Dimensions, mm 185х85х45 185х85х45
Mass, kg 0,35 0,45