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MKS-08P2 (Navigator) Dosimeter and Radiometer

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MKS-08P (Navigator) dosimeter radiometer is designed to measure the dose rate and the dose of photon radiation, density of flow of beta particles, and indication of density of alpha particle flow. 

MKS-08P dosimeter-radiometer can be used to search for radioactive sources, to estimate the radio-environmental situation in localities, in work and residential premises, to estimate the contents of radionuclides in various materials, in samples of soil, water, banknotes, etc. 

MKS-08P instrument has been registered in the State Register of Measuring Instrumentation under No. 29614-05, has a certificate RU.C.38.002.А of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology No. 21215, and has a sanitary hygienic decision No. 77.МБ.01.000.П.001290.07.05 on the compliance with national sanitary hygienic rules and regulations as well as with the requirements of Radiation Safety Regulations (RSR). MKS-08P meets the requirements of instruction No. 131-И issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation regarding the detection of radiation contamination in banknotes. 

MKS-08P dosimeter-radiometer is produced in 4 makes based on the purpose and delivery set:

—MKS-08P—to measure the dose rate and the dose of photon radiation, to measure the density of beta particle particles, and to indicate the density of alpha particle flow (metrologically not regulated);

—MKS-08P1—additional feature—measurement of the volumetric sample activity;

—MKS-08P2—additional feature—measurement of the alpha particle flow density;

—MKS-08P3additional feature measurement of the volumetric activity of samples and the alpha particle flow density.

High sensitivity and speed
Large area of the detector input window
Low energy threshold for registering photons and beta particles
Alpha particles can be registered
Reduced energy dependence of sensitivity in registering photon radiatio


  MKS-08P1 (Navigator) Dosimeter and Radiometer MKS-08P2 (Navigator) Dosimeter and Radiometer MKS-08P3 (Navigator) Dosimeter and Radiometer MKS-08P (Navigator) Dosimeter and Radiometer
Value 45315 RUR 46149 RUR 46892 RUR 49749 RUR
Energy of registered alpha radiation
      — an equivalent dose, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 0,01...103,0 0,01...103,0 0,01...103,0 0,01...103,0
      — alpha particle flow density, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 10...106 10...106
      — volumetric activity of samples in the environment, for cesium -137, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 10000...20000000 10000...20000000
      — the equivalent dose rate, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 0,1...100,0 0,1...100,0 0,1...100,0 0,1...100,0
      — beta-particle flow density, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 3...104 3...104 3...104 3...104
      — volumetric activity of samples in the environment, for strontium -90 + itrium-90, Bq/l (Bq/kg) 2,5...5000 2,5...5000
Basic error of measurement, % ±25 ±25 ±25 ±25
Range of gamma-radiation energies, MeV 0,4...3,0 0,4...3,0 0,4...3,0 0,4...3,0
Energy of registered beta radiation, MeV more 0,05 more 0,05 more 0,05 more 0,05
Range, MeV more 3,0 more 3,0
Dimensions, mm 210х115х78 210х115х78 210х115х78 210х115х78
Mass, kg 0,55 0,55 0,55 0,55