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Analysis as per GOST 22760-77 (Gravimetric)

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Determination of the mass fraction of fat in milk (whole milk, non-fat raw, pasteurised, and homogenised), cream, and cultured milk drinks without sucrose, in curd, dry milk following the Rose-Gottlieb technique. The idea of the technique is in the extraction of fat out of ammonia-alcohol solution with diethyl and petroleous ethers, evaporation of solvents and weighing of the residue.

The gravimetric technique for determination of fat contents following the Rose-Gottlieb technique is designed to run national tests of instruments, as well as for resolution of disputable issues as an arbiter. 


Limit of permissible error
milk, dairy drinks without sucrose, cottage cheese ±0,03 %
Cream ±0,09 %
fat content from 10 to 15% ±0,15 %
fat content from 15 to 25% ±0,25 %
fat content from 25 to 30% ±0,30 %