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excel, 180 Кб. Of 2 march, 2021

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Analysis as per GOST 3625-84 (Areometer)

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Determination of density of milk, cream, milk drinks with fillers of all kinds, cultured milk products, whey, buttermilk, and condensed milk products using the areometric technique.

The density of procured cow milk as well as pasteurised and sterilised milk is determined at (20±5) ºС.

The density of pasteurised milk with high fat contents, milk drinks with fillers, cream, whey, and buttermilk is determined at 20±2ºС.

The density of cultured milk products is determined in a prepared mix until it has turned sour at 20±2ºС.


Limit of permissible error ±0,5 kg/m³