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Kolos-2 Analyzer for alcoholic drink

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Does not require additional calibration
Measurement of any alcohol-containing beverages
Informative LCD screen
Kolos-2 analyzer of alcohol-containing beverages is designed to measure mass fraction of ethyl alcohol and mass fraction of extract in alcohol-containing beverages of alcohol, low-alcohol products, and water-alcohol solutions, as well as the extract content of original wort as per the methodology for measurements attested in the established order.
The instrument can be used in food industry, reclamation industry, at testing and analytical laboratories in brewing and alcoholic beverage industry, in production and reprocessing of wine-making products, as well as for the express analysis used during the expert control of quality of goods and materials.
The operation principle of the analyzer is based on the fact that ultrasonic oscillations are passed through the sample, and the output signal values are registered versus the values of measured parameters of  alcohol-containing liquid.
The analyzer is a portable desktop device comprising a sample reseptacle with the system of thermal stabilization, a source of ultrasonic oscillations, a detector, an amplifier, a microprocessor-controlled data processing and logging unit, and an LCD screen. The instrument is microprocessor-controlled.
The analyzer’s calibration for ethyl alcohol and certain kinds and types of alcohol-containing products is performed at the manufacturing plant using attested mixtures, whose composition was determined using standard methodologies for quantitative chemical analysis.
The instrument allows for a new calibration by the user without changing calibration characteristics already recorded into the microprocessor’s memory.
The analyzer’s operation is synchronized with the computer interface to load various calibration characteristics, to analyze and process the resultant data. At the same time, the analyzer can be operated as a standalone unit. It can be also operated from a car battery and in the field conditions.


Measurement range
Mass fraction of alcohol 0,1...8 %
Volumetric proportion of alcohol 0,1...10,5 %
Mass fraction of the actual extract 0,5...12 %
Initial wort extract content 8...23 %
Temperature 8...30 °C
Limit of permissible relative error
Mass fraction of alcohol ±1 %
Volumetric proportion of alcohol ±1 %
Mass fraction of the actual extract ±4,5 %
Initial wort extract content ±3 %
Any alcohol-containing beverage
Measurement range
Mass fraction of alcohol 0,1...94 %
Volumetric proportion of alcohol 0,1...96 %
Mass fraction of regular extract 0,5...25 %
Limit of permissible relative error
Mass fraction of alcohol ±1 %
Volumetric proportion of alcohol ±1 %
Mass fraction of regular extract ±4,5 %
Size of the sample 20 cm³
Analyzed sample 15...25 °C
Performance no less than 6 samples/hour
Ambient air temperature 15...25 °C
Relative humidity 0...80 %
Atmospheric pressure 84...106 kPa
Mass 1 kg
Average lifespan 5 yrs
When running on battery power 12...13,2 V
When running on the network 187...250 V
Height of the device in position 297 mm
Dimensions 257х132х108 mm

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