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Wile-55 Coffee

Price with VAT 28400 RUR
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The device is certified and included into the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation of the Russian Federation under No. 206801-00, and is approved for application in the Russian Federation.

The device is certified and included into the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation of the Republic of Belarus under No. РБ 03 09 3493 07, and is approved for application in the Republic of Belarus.



The moisture meter Wile 55 is designed for express measurements of moisture content in grain crops, grain legumes, oil-bearing crops, as well as products of re-processing thereof. The moisture meter Wile 55 is used in the field conditions, during harvesting, storage, and reprocessing of grain, during post-harvesting processing and drying of grain, at threshing-floors, in placing grain at storages, as well as at enterprises where express analysis of grain moisture is required.


Description and design

The moisture meter Wile 55 is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device which provides a direct display of moisture content percentage in the mass being measured on an electronic digital display in weight percentage. The measurement process is based on the determination of the capacitance of material being measured.

In terms of design, the moisture meter is made as a portable monoblock with an embedded sensor. The sensor is a measuring cylinder with a screw cap. On the front panel, there is an electronic digital display, a button to power on the device, and a command selection button.


Measurements with Wile 55 can’t be simpler. Having selected the grain type, just press a button. A large digital display facilitates reading even in low illumination conditions.


A list of crops being measured, and respective numbers of measurement scales are on the sticker at the side of the instrument housing.


Important recommendations

Measurement scales of the moisture meter have been developed as per the standard quality of grain crops. The special properties of grain being measured may essentially differ depending on the grain growth conditions and availability of new breeds. For this reason, prior to a new season it is recommended to check if the readings of the moisture meter match the readings of the drying cabinet at the elevator where grain is delivered.

It is recommended to conduct measurements with at least five samples, with the average value of measurements for these five samples be used as a result of measurements of moisture content of the whole mass. If the readings of the moisture meter differ from the readings of the drying cabinet, make a correction to the measurement scale. This is especially important to note while measuring a large mass of grain and if you assume that the quality of grain differs from the regular quality figures.

Automatic compensation for differential temperature between the moisture meter and the environment
Automatic averaging of measurement results
Corrections can be introduced to the measurement scale based on the result produced by the technique of oven drying
An external temperature sensor can be plugged in


  WILE-55 Grain Moisture Meter WILE-65 Grain Moisture Meter Wile Coffee WILE-78
Value 26380 RUR 23400 RUR 28400 RUR 37100 RUR
Measurement range
      — Grains and legumes, % 8...35 8...35
      — Moisture, % 3 – 40
      — Moisture of oil-bearing crops, % 5...25 5...25
Precision, % +/-0,5
      — Moisture, % ±0,5 ±0,5 ±0,5
Override testimony есть есть
Measuring Time, sec 50 50 20
Size of the sample, cm³ 200 200
      — Thermo-probe WILE - 651 --- length: 100 cm, range: 0-60 °С, error: ±2°С
Dimensions, mm 180х80х65 180х80х65 180х80х65
Temperature, °C +5...+40 +5...+60
Voltage, V 9V battery 9V battery батарея 9 алкалиновая батарея 9
Mass, kg 0,75 0,75 0,75