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Klever-Mini Milk Analyzer

Price with VAT 26700 RUR
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The compact Klever-Mini rapid milk analyzer is developed and manufactured by OOO NPP BIOMER. This device is a new addition to the Klever line of devices. It combines key features of the Klever-2 model with a lower price.
The Klever-Mini milk analyzer performs rapid analysis of the percentage content of fat, protein, nonfat milk solids (NMS) and density in one sample of fresh whole milk, canned milk or cream. However, unlike Klever-2, the set of characteristics measured by the device is determined by the customer upon buying the instrument.
The device is not included in the Russian State Register of Measurement Instrumentation and cannot be verified.
The Klever-Mini analyzer is easy to use: with the help of this instrument, even untrained staff can perform milk fat content checks. Basic operations with the device include pouring the sample to be analysed and draining it after analysis. Taking the sample and pouring it into the sample receptacle is a matter of seconds. The process of measuring qualitative parameters of milk or cream takes 2.5–3.5 min. Milk at room temperature is measured in 2.5 min, while cooled milk is measured in 3.5 min. All information required by the operator is shown on the display of the device. Measurement results are displayed in digital form with 0.01% increments.
The device comes with graduation for cow milk and cream, but at the customer’s discretion, additional calibrations can be input.


The milk fat content measuring device is self-contained, but can be connected to an IBM/PC-type computer via RS 232 socket for recording measurement results. The analyzer comes with a full package for computer connection, including a cable and Windows software. The device can be connected via USB with the help of an adapter.


Size of the sample 20 cm³
Measuring Time no more than 3.5 min
Dimensions no more than 230х110х100 mm
Mass no more than 1 kg
Average lifespan 3 g
Measurement range
Mass fraction of fat from 2 to 7 %
Mass fraction of the protein from 0.15 to 6 %
Mass fraction SOMO from 3 to 15 %
Density from 1010 to 1040 kg/m³
Density from 1010 to 1040 kg/m³
calculated parameters
Mass fraction of water added from 3 to 70 %
Temperature from 5 to 35 °C
Mass fraction of fat ±0,15 %
Mass fraction of the protein ±0,15 %
Mass fraction SOMO ±0,2 %
Density ±0,5 kg/m³
mains supply, 50 Hz from 187 to 242 V

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