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MiniZamer-B Universal Digital Thermometer

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Guarantee: 18 months  
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MINI ZAMER Digital Tthermometer is designed for measuring temperature of various non-aggressive media within the range from -40 to 200°С.  
The primary application domain is foods industry. The thermometer can be also used by the laboratories of research institutions, factories and inspection services to measure the temperature of food produce during its manufacture, storage and sales.  
In various makes, it can be used to measure the temperature of loose materials, grain, hay, sand, etc., for measuring temperature of caramels, syrups, oil products, etc.  
MINI ZAMER Digital Thermometer comprises a primary thermoconverter (TC) and a measuring converter (MC) which are made within an integral structure.  
A resistance thermoconverter with НСХ100М or Pt100, the resistance of which depends on the temperature of the environment being analysed, is used as a TC. The element is placed into a stainless steel tube housing, air-tight with regard to the environment.  
The MC housing is made of metal. On the front panel, there is a digital LCD and a buttoned switch to turn the power on and off.


Ease and reliability of operation
Various options for the sensor’s length


Measurement range
Temperature -40...+200 °C
in the range of -10...+100 ±0,5 °C
in the range of -40...+200 ±1 °C
Mean time between failures 2500 hrs
Average lifespan 2 g
Mass 0,125 kg
Voltage battery 3V V
Electronic module 20, d=51 mm
thermoconverter 500, d=4 mm