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AON-1 Areometer 1360-1420

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Sample notation: Areometer AON-2 1000-1080 GOST 18481-81

 AON-1 general-purpose areometer. AON-1 areometer is designed to measure the density and concentration of substances in two-component solutions of various fluids, for example, to measure the density of enamel components.

 AON -1 areometer is a glass tube which expanded bottom part is filled with ballast, e.g. clean dry metal beads poured with a layer of resin, sealing wax, or other binding substance whose melting temperature is not lower than +80°С. The measurement range for the fluid falls within 700 to 1,840 kg/m3, the scaling factor 1 kg/m3, the height of the bottom part is about 80 mm, the diameter 17-19 mm, the height of the upper part being about 85 mm, and the diameter being 5-6 mm. AON-1 general-purpose areometers are produced as kits of 19 items.

 On the upper (narrow) part of the areometer, there is a score calibrated in units of density or in percentage, depending on the purpose of the areometer.

 The less is the fluid density, the deeper the areometer is submerged into it, so the upper dial graduations meet the minimum density, while the upper graduations to the maximum density.

 The readings are counted by the lower meniscus.


Measurement range
Density 1360...1420 kg/m³
Price division
Scale 1 kg/m³
Length 170 mm